Lifetime of Romance Dylan Ettinger

    Dylan Ettinger returns to Amanda Brown’s Not Not Fun label. And, this time he takes you deep into the darker corners of his synth-heavy sound. „Lifetime Of Romance“ is all about joyously dissonant synth squelches, distorted bleepy melodies and rusty machine rhythms adorned with Ettinger crooning like it’s 1981. The seven tracks on offer are another prime example of the resurgence of all things wave and post punk and would perfectly fit on Trevor Jackson’s „Metal Dance“ compilation of old and rare gems from the heyday of industrial EBM and post punk in the 80s. Just listen to the snappy „Disparager“ or „Arco Iris“ to get an idea. Another strong release on the ever reliable Not Not Fun.

    Sven von Thülen | May 7, 2012

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