TESCO Wishmountain

With "Tesco," Matthew Herbert resumes his sampling experiments as Wishmountain. A new album full of sounds from everyday objects turned into quirky techno experiments

Wishmountain is back! Nearly fifteen years after Matthew Herbert kissed his the-sound-everyday-objects-become-techno-project goodbye, he is back with new techno experiments. This time he went shopping at Tesco to purchase the items for his source material like Coke or Lucozade bottles or Walkers to name a few. Apparently recorded in less than a week, „Tesco“ consists of eight mostly short jams full of rustling, crunching, sizzling and squeezing. It seems as if Matthew Herbert has had a lot of fun revisiting his more dancey and humorous side again and it seems as if it might be just as much fun to listen to him blow on Lucozade bottles and sculpt distorted kickdrums out of packs of Nescafe. And best of all- this approach doesn’t sound dated at all.

Sven von Thülen | Aug 27, 2012

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