Tracer Teengirl Fantasy

US-based duo Teengirl Fantasy deliver their sophomore album and their first on legendary R&S Records. Futuristic techno-pop and r'n'b moves galore

The mighty R&S Records has snatched up the US-based duo Teengirl Fantasy for the release of their sophomore album „Tracer.“ And, the ten tracks see them venturing into a compelling brand of futuristic rnb-infused techno-pop. With Panda Bear, Laurel Halo, Romanthony and Kelela they have invited an illustrious group of singers into the studio to maximize the album’s pop sensibilities. Especially Romanthony’s contribution on “Do It“ is pure hands-in-the-air business complete with cheesy life-affirming party vocals. But, to be honest it's the instrumental tracks that stand out. Take the warped techno of „Eternal“ and „Vector Spray,“ for instance, transmitted straight from a parallel universe where Derrick May has a thing for new age music. R&S Records continue to impress with every release, as do Teengirl Fantasy. Very nice indeed.

Sven von Thülen | Aug 27, 2012

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