Collisions 02
by Oneida, Mugstar
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Psychedelic split album by British instrumental rockers Mugstar and Brooklyn’s very own Oneida “Collisions, Vol. 2” is a split-album with one long track each by Oneida and Mugstar, released by Rocket Recordings in their “Collisions” series. Mugstar’s track, “European Nihilism,” begins slowly, with feedback, high- and low-pitched buzzing and droning, before launching into a solid mid-tempo, instrumental rock number with psychedelic overtones. The rhythm section plays a loop with the keyboards soloing on top, increasing the tension, before breaking down into feedback and ambient drone doom and loops again.
Shahin's Bong (15:31)
by Oneida
Bundle only
European Nihilism (16:38)
by Mugstar
Bundle only
Total: 32:09 (2 Tracks)
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Collisions 02
Collisions 02

Artist: Oneida, Mugstar

Online Release Date: 01/09/12
Label: Rocket Recordings
Release Type: Album
Total: 2 Tracks (32:09 Min.)
Quality: MP3/AAC 320kbps
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