The Split Thing
by Zone Six / Vespero
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Psychedelic space rock meanderings by two spaced-out bands The title says it all – “The Split Thing” is a split album by the German group Zone Six and the Russian band Vespero. Both play instrumental, trance-inducing, psychedelic space rock. Vespero include more ambient and electronic – at times even proto-kraut – elements, while Zone Six aim for all-out psychedelic rock (with a few traces of stoner, maybe). The first three tracks are by Russian space rockers Vespero: “Nüllus” is heavily percussive, with dominant flute and organ, plus a soaring lead guitar.
Nüllus (07:40)
by Vespero
Clouds (07:44)
by Vespero
Lifeless Pillars (09:10)
by Vespero
Babapapatantramanta (24:12)
by Zone Six
Total: 48:46 (4 Tracks)
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The Split Thing
The Split Thing

Artist: Zone Six / Vespero

Online Release Date: 04/18/12
Label: Transubstans Records
Release Type: Album
Total: 4 Tracks (48:46 Min.)
Quality: MP3/AAC 320kbps
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