Now I'm Just a Number: Soundtracks 1994-95
by Black Rain
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Kiran Sande’s label Blackest Ever Black has been on the forefront in bringing dystopian, post punk, industrial, techno and goth-aesthetics back together. Black Rain’s long lost soundtrack works (one of which was originally planned as the score for the Keanu Reeves-featuring Hollywood flick Johnny Mnemonic, but was eventually dismissed in favour of Mychael Danna’s score) sit perfectly with the label’s dark aesthetic. If you can recall Johnny Mnemonic’s plot, it was a dark and dystopian sci-fi flick based on a William Gibson short story, and that’s exactly how the seven pieces on „Now I’m Just A Number: Soundtracks 1994 – 1995“ sound like.
Lo Tek (01:27)
Night City.Tokyo (07:17)
Lo Tek Bridge (02:57)
Biotechno 1 & 2 (06:10)
Lo Tek Bridge 2 (03:18)
Now I'm Just a Number (11:30)
Lo Tek Musicm (04:53)
Total: 37:32 (7 Tracks)
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Now I'm Just a Number: Soundtracks 1994-95
Now I'm Just a Number: Soundtracks 1994-95

Artist: Black Rain

Online Release Date: 04/10/12
Label: Blackest Ever Black
Release Type: Album
Total: 7 Tracks (37:32 Min.)
Quality: MP3/AAC 320kbps
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