Paranoid Funk
by Alex Niggemann
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German house producer showcases his versatility on his debut album The reputation of Dusseldorf-born and Berlin-based house producer Alex Niggemann has seen a steady rise over the last couple of years. "Paranoid Funk" his debut album on Steve Bug's Pokerflat Recordings marks the next big step in his way up. Over the course of the eleven tracks the former assistant to Get Physical's head honcho DJ T showcases his range when it comes to house music. Dusty, slowed-down jams like "Come Into My World" or "Street Therapy" are followed by old school-infused tech house floor-fillers like "Back 2 Basics," "I Don't Care" or That is … !?." With Daniel Solar, Florian Schirmacher, John Rydell and Benji he invited a couple of like-minded vocalists and producers in his studio. "Paranoid Funk" is an accomplished house album that will make you move.Published: Jul 23, 2012
Sven von Thülen (artistxite)
Don't Wait (Original Mix) (05:31)
The Sweetest Thing feat. Daniel Solar (Original Mix) (04:53)
Curious (Original Mix) (07:22)
Easy Love feat. Florian Schirmacher (Original Mix) (06:50)
That Is...!? (Original Mix) (06:07)
Come Into My World (Original Mix) (04:57)
Parentless Child (Original Mix) (05:04)
I Don't Care (Ride Mix) (05:47)
Street Therapy (Original Mix) (09:37)
Back 2 Basics feat. Benji (Original Mix) (06:01)
Lovers feat. John Rydell (Original Mix) (04:34)
Total: 66:43 (11 Tracks)
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Paranoid Funk
Paranoid Funk

Artist: Alex Niggemann

Online Release Date: 06/04/12
Label: Poker Flat Recordings
Release Type: Album
Total: 11 Tracks (66:43 Min.)
Quality: MP3/AAC 320kbps
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