by Gatekeeper
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Debut album of cinematic synth-wrangling and tough as nails EBM-gone-acid Get your leather gear ready. On their debut album „Exo,“ Aaron Davis Ross and Matthew Arkell aka Gatekeeper combine cinematic synth wrangling a la John Carpenter with pounding (break-)beats, hoovering synths and nasty acid workouts. „Exo“ consists of twelve, sometimes very short, tracks that will catapult you into a musical twilight zone, where EBM, industrial, breakbeats and lysergic acid-tweaks meet at a before unknown junction. Tracks like „Hydrus“ or „Aero“ sound like „Sheet One“-era Plastikman on steroids.
Total: 35:23 (12 Tracks)
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Artist: Gatekeeper

Online Release Date: 03/05/13
Label: Hippos In Tanks
Release Type: Album
Total: 12 Tracks (35:23 Min.)
Quality: MP3/AAC 320kbps
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