Marshland Stories and Ballads
by Roof Light
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UK-based dance producer explores psychedelic folktronica With „Marshland Stories And Ballads“ UK producer Gareth Munday aka Roof Light really takes us off guard. While we have so far loved him for his versatile eps on labels like Styrax or Millions Of Moments, on which he skillfully explored the grey area between swinging UK garage, Motor City techno and dubstep, we can now add psychedelic folk and electronica to the list of his production virtues. „Marshland Stories And Ballads“ is a collection of genuinely beautiful and charmingly lo-fi folktronica songs, full of nostalgic folk guitar playing, humming field recordings, tender electronics and all kinds of static and crackles, all weaved into a warm and psychedelic collage of sun-bleached sounds.
Penfold (02:19)
Coastal Orienteering (01:51)
Woodcutters Lament (02:45)
Frosty Was the Ground, Ripe (02:18)
Coppice Red Hare (01:51)
Hidden Things (01:58)
Lulworth (01:40)
Washing Line Wheel and Mang (03:04)
Total: 17:46 (8 Tracks)
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Marshland Stories and Ballads
Marshland Stories and Ballads

Artist: Roof Light

Online Release Date: 08/06/12
Label: FuseLab
Release Type: Album
Total: 8 Tracks (17:46 Min.)
Quality: MP3/AAC 320kbps
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