I Make Lists EP
by Ikonika
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Ikonika explores the connection between Chicago house, electro, acid, UK funky and trance Wow, has it been that long already? A quick online check confirms that it’s been two years since Sara Abdel-Hamid aka Ikonika released her last record. A lot has happened since then. Hyperdub, the label that released her debut album „Contact, Love, Want, Have“ back in 2010, has since been bitten by the hypnagogic bug and influence of classic house tropes in UK’s bass music omniverse has gotten even stronger. „I Make Lists“ marks her return to her own label
I Make Lists (05:20)
Take Pictures (05:17)
Catch Vibes (05:01)
Cold Soaking (04:59)
With Your Mouth (04:52)
PR812 (06:05)
Total: 31:34 (6 Tracks)
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I Make Lists EP
I Make Lists EP

Artist: Ikonika

Online Release Date: 07/16/12
Label: Hum & Buzz
Release Type: Single
Total: 6 Tracks (31:34 Min.)
Quality: MP3/AAC 320kbps
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