Absolute III Way Harmonious Enterprise
by The Reboot Joy Confession
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"Absolute III Way Harmonious Enterprise" is a psychedelic amalgam of dusty hip hop, house and jazz On their debut album, the mysterious Reboot Joy Confession once again invite you on a smoked-out journey into a world where the lines between jazz, hip hop, funk, latin and house are blurry, the beats are dusty and the air is filled with crackles and raw soul. Released on Jackmate’s Philpot label. „Absolute III Way Harmonious Enterprise“ consists of four drawn-out tracks that are basically a collage of sketches, interludes, spoken word samples and short jams, effortlessly moving between all those musical genres mentioned above and back again for maximum psychedelic effect.
Part A (16:07)
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Part B (16:04)
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Part C (15:25)
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Part D (11:03)
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Total: 58:39 (4 Tracks)
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Absolute III Way Harmonious Enterprise
Absolute III Way Harmonious Enterprise

Artist: The Reboot Joy Confession

Online Release Date: 06/22/12
Label: Philpot Records
Release Type: Single
Total: 4 Tracks (58:39 Min.)
Quality: MP3/AAC 320kbps
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