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Shrinebuilder is a heavy metal supergroup consisting of various established musicians, particularly of the doom metal subgenre. Their first album, Shrinebuilder, was released in October 2009.

The band's origins were established around 2003–04, when Al Cisneros of the band Om contacted Scott "Wino" Weinrich and proposed that they form a new collaborative three piece group with Om drummer Chris Hakius. Cisneros named the band, and it was intended that Wino would be the only vocalist. A few years later, and after sporadically working on some music together, Cisneros enlisted Neurosis frontman Scott Kelly on guitar and vocals to round out the band to a four-piece. Of the request to join Shrinebuilder, Kelly added "He told me that this would be the name when he asked me to join and I thought it was great. It makes sense to me. I think music is shrine, music is religion, music is a way of life. It has its own mythology, it has its own theology, it has its own gods."

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