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Pan-Pot is the name of Berlin based techno duo consisting of German DJs and music producers Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix.

Since their origin in 2005, Pan-Pot have established their presence in the modern Techno scene reaching popularity with the release of their debut album, Pan-O-Rama on Anja Schneider (de)'s Mobilee records.

Their music repertoire is best defined as underground oriented as well as independent from any existing genres of contemporary sounds, traversing Techno, House and yet experimental elements with strong IDM influences.

Source: Wikipedia

Latest Releases

Cells Cells 
Second State Audio
Apr 2014 (2 Tracks)


credits explained
Restless Remixes Session 2 Restless Remixe… 
Format B
Formatik Record…
Apr 2012 (3 Tracks)
Role: Remixer


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