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Outerspace is an underground hip hop duo from North Philadelphia. Originally a trio consisting of three Puerto Rican friends that then took the artist names Planetary, Jedeye and Crypt the Warchild. The founding member Mario Collazo (Planetary) was then attending 10th grade, while the other two, Richard Cruz (Jedeye) and Marcus Albaladejo (Crypt the Warchild), were in 8th grade.

Today the group consists only of two members, now known as Planetary and Crypt The Warchild, who are also part of the hip hop supergroup Army of the Pharaohs.

The group originally started with three high school friends; Marcus Albaladejo, Mario Collazo and Richard Cruz. The trio later went on to from the group Outerspace. The group originally started to form in the early 90's and eventually lead to an alliance with fellow Philladelphians Jedi Mind Tricks and their label Superegular Recordings. In 1998, Superegular released their debut single "We Lyve". Outerspace appeareded on several Jedi Mind Trick tracks and in 1999 the Illegaliens EP was released in on the Wordsound label. Soon thereafter, Outerspace hooked up with DJ SAT ONE and began recording with Jazzy Jeff's production company A Touch of Jazz. This collaboration proved useful with the release of the SAT ONE produced Danger Zone 12" on Soulspazm Records.

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Latest Releases

Ayy Ayy 
Royal Music Paris
Jul 2014 (1 Tracks)


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Diggaz With Attitude Diggaz With Att… 
Stu Bangas &…
Man Bites Dog R…
Aug 2012 (17 Tracks)
Role: Rap


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