Erased Tapes

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Erased Tapes Records is a London based independent record label focusing on releasing Avant-garde music which is widely regarded as very diverse in genres and styles.

The record company was established by German-born Robert Raths in early 2007 in London, with the release of Ryan Lee West's (Rival Consoles) Vameer EP. Raths defines his main interest as 'a dialogue between two opposite poles, between traditional and contemporary, between digital and analogue'. The label is known for its strong aesthetic with a special focus on packaging and design which has seen collaborations with Berlin based graphic design studio FELD and American contemporary artist Gregory Euclide. Erased Tapes has a tradition of releasing free compilations and continues to gain a reputation for unpredictable releases. The label is managed by Raths and Sofia Ilyas.

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Latest Releases

Float 2013 Float 2013 
Peter Broderick
Erased Tapes
Oct 2013 (10 Tracks)
Odyssey Odyssey 
Rival Consoles
Erased Tapes
Oct 2013 (5 Tracks)
Seven Hours Seven Hours 
Douglas Dare
Erased Tapes
Sep 2013 (4 Tracks)
Juno Reworked Juno Reworked 
Nils Frahm
Erased Tapes
Jul 2013 (4 Tracks)


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