Ghostly International

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Ghostly International is an American independent record label. Chief artists include Matthew Dear, Dabrye (aka Tadd Mullinix), Com Truise, Tycho, Gold Panda, School of Seven Bells, Mux Mool, and Shigeto.

Ghostly International was founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan by Sam Valenti IV in 1998. Valenti grew up in suburban Detroit, where, having become a fan of underground music culture, he would sneak into Hip-Hop clubs by carrying records for his Detroit DJ hero Houseshoes. Valenti later became a DJ himself, taking the name of DJ SpaceGhost; this theme is echoed by the name and logo of Ghostly International.

Source: Wikipedia

Latest Releases

Awake Awake 
Ghostly International
Mar 2014 (8 Tracks)


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