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Glitterhouse Records is a German independent record label and mail order company based in Beverungen, North Rhine-Westphalia. It was founded in the mid-1980s. From the late 1980s until the mid-1990s it was the European branch of the American label Sub Pop. Since 1997 the annual Orange Blossom Special open air festival takes place in the backyard of the Glitterhouse HQ.

1981 founded by Reinhard Holstein and Rembert Stiewe, the Fanzine „The Glitterhouse“ laid the foundation for the correspondent record label. The magazine contained mainly 60’s garage and psychedelia, extensions of punk, weirdo folk and similar genres. After a vacation in Australia Holstein imported a number of singles from Citadel Records, which were distributed through the company’s mail order business. First own release was a tape featuring German garage bands titled “Battle of the Bands”. 1987 the “Hipster’s” 7”-single – “Sound of The Young Soul” and the compilation LP “The Declaration of Fuzz” were the first vinyls released by the label. German artists followed, such as Surfin’ Dead, The Strangemen and Shiny Gnomes. Through business registration Glitterhouse Records turned from a simple hobby to a business enterprise in 1984.

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