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Sony Music Entertainment (sometimes known plainly as Sony Music or by the initialism SME) is an American music corporation owned and operated by Sony Corporation of America, a subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate Sony Corporation. In 1929, the enterprise was first founded as American Record Corporation (ARC) and, in 1938, was renamed Columbia Recording Corporation, following ARC's acquisition by CBS. In 1966, the company was reorganized to become CBS Records. In 1987, SCA bought the company and, in 1991, renamed it SME. It is the world's second largest music company.

In 2004, SME and Bertelsmann Music Group merged as Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Later, when Sony acquired BMG's half of the conglomerate, it reverted to the SME name – the buyout led to the dissolution of BMG, which relaunched as BMG Rights Management. SME is middle-sized of the "Big Three" record companies, with Universal Music Group (the largest) and Warner Music Group.

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