Full Time Hobby

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Full Time Hobby is an independent record label formed in London in January 2004. Since its inception it has released records by artists such as White Denim, Tunng and Malcolm Middleton.

Full Time Hobby came into life in 2004, set up by Nigel Adams and Wez. They had met at Mushroom Records / Infectious Records and decided to start a label when it was clear that Mushroom was going to be sell out to Warner Brothers. Inspired by labels like the original Jac Holzman era Elektra Records, Creation Records and Rough Trade Records they wanted to start a label that championed original and creative new music that they loved and did not see finding a home elsewhere.

Source: Wikipedia

Latest Releases

Smoke Fairies Smoke Fairies 
Smoke Fairies
Full Time Hobby
May 2014 (12 Tracks)
The Drop The Drop 
Full Time Hobby
Nov 2013 (8 Tracks)
Turbines Turbines 
Full Time Hobby
Jun 2013 (9 Tracks)
Gravez Gravez 
Hooded Fang
Full Time Hobby
May 2013 (10 Tracks)


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