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Music & Movies
The 10 Best Movie Soundtracks
The ideal soundtrack is the icing on the cake for every good movie. We took a stroll through cinematic history and came up with the ten best scores of all time.... more
TV Series Soundcheck
The 10 best music moments in TV series
Many of the best moments in the in TV series depend on the soundtrack. We have selected the most touching scenes in various series, ranging from Mad Men to The Soranos, and took a closer listen. ... more
New Music Movies
8 Recent Music Films That You Shouldn't Miss
Great music films provide fans with insight on what happens behind the scenes. We present eight fabulous music themed which were released in the past few months.... more
And The Winner Is...
Music Awards From Around The World
At regular intervals, the music world convenes to shower themsleves with accolades at awards shows. But who decides on who deserves an award? We took a closer look at the various ceremonies.... more
Fun, Sun and Death Metal
Fun, Sun and Death Metal
Sailing through music history on the seven seas - this has got to be the wet dream of every record store nerd. And it's reality: Music-themed cruises are the latest craze. From metal to Weezer and all ports in between.... more
Moonlighting Musicians
10 Musicians With Interesting Side Jobs
Sometimes just being a successful musician isn't enough. In between the albums, tours and adulation you need to find some sort of activity to pass the time, and even to make a little extra cash on the side. Here are 10 musicians and their lucrative and sometimes peculiar side jobs. ... more
SXSW 2014
Non-Stop Music, Live From Austin
Every year, thousands of musicians and music fans alike descend upon Austin, Texas for the SYSW Music Festival, turning it into a mecca of music. This year is no different. Over 2000 Bands are scheduled to perform on 100 stages.... more
Top 10 Supergroups
The Greatest All-Star Bands: Part 2
Previously we presented places 10 to 6 of our top Supergroups of all time. Even though those places are occupied by great acts, there is still more to come. Today we present the best of the best.... more
Top 10 Supergroups
The Greatest All-Star Bands
Dave Grohl recently announced plans to form another new supergroup. He already proved that he knows what he's doing with Them Crooked Vultures. Which supergroups, though, have really lived up to their hype? We present Part 1 of our Top 10 greatest all-star combos.... more
The Notwist
Neon golden music from Weilheim, Germany
25 years ago The Notwist released their debut - and became the most international of all German indie bands thanks to their inimitable soundscapes ... more

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