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Pre Language Disappears


“Pre Language” is the third album by Chicago band Disappears. On this album, new member Steve Shelley makes his recording debut. With his main band on indefinite hiatus, the erstwhile drummer with Sonic Youth is now free to pursue new projects. From his work with Michael Rother, Shelley already has some experience with krautrock and the motorik beat. He can enlarge upon this in the minimalist, krautrock-influenced music on “Pre Language.” The marriage of garage rock with a motorik pulse was much more prominent on the first two albums, “Lux” (2010) and “Guider” (2011), but is still present here. In just two years the band has made a quantum leap, and “Pre Language” is much more accomplished than the stoic, often monotonous pieces on “Lux.” And while “Guider” still vacillated between British psych-rockers Loop on the one hand and Iggy Pop and Lou Reed on the other hand, this album is all Disappears. The influences are still there, but they are no longer merely emulated. Disappears have taken their inspiration and created something of their own – contemplative, taxing, but with a groove. And there are no long tracks like “Revisiting” this time. Standout tracks are the melancholy “All Gone White,” opener “Replicate,” “Joa” and  “Minor Patterns.”

Klaas Ilse | Mar 12, 2012


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