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Sage Across Tundras


Across Tundras mix western music and Ennio Morricone-style elements with their heavy blues rock. “In the Name of River Grand” contrasts heavy clattering drums with melodious guitar picking, as does the album’s longest track, the twelve-minute “Mean Season Movin’ On”. This is Neurosis minus the abysmal gloom (which is appropriate, as the album is released through Neurosis’ own label, Neurot Recordings). Rolling hills, the loner crossing the vast plains – you can feel the hot wind on your face, listening to this atmospheric rock album. “With lungs on fire/Every night I dream of water/Cool, clear water”, singer Tanner Olson rasps on “Hijo de Desierto”; and this perfectly illustrates the feel of the songs. Of the seven tracks, four are over eight minutes long, epic sludging monsters that can beat the spaghetti out of any western, any day. So saddle up if you are into desert rock in the vein of any of Scott “Wino” Weinrich’s numerous projects, say The Hidden Hand or his latest band, Premonition 13. Westward, Ho!

Klaas Ilse | Jul 13, 2011


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