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Broadcast Hyetal


With Hyetal’s”Broadcast,“ yet another Bristolian bass music luminary steps up and delivers his debut album. His collaborations with Peverlist and Shortstuff on Punch Drunk and his solo eps have gained him and his productions a buy-on-sight-reputation. But, while most of his offerings so far had a twitchy dancefloor quality, ”Broadcast“ envisions something more sinister and encompassing. The album’s soundtrack-like atmospheres suck you in right from the start with the intense opening track ”Ritual“. From there it is an unpredictable journey through widescreen synthed-out euphoria, pristine 80s-style drumwork and Demdike Stare-meets-Shackleton tribal dread. ”Broadcast“ sounds like the score to a yet unfilmed retro-futuristic sci-fi flick. If Kuedo’s album ”Severant“ blew you away, ”Broadcast“ will most likely do the same. Immense debut by Hyetal.

Sven von Thülen | Nov 7, 2011


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