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Sam Baker's Album Samiyam


Flying LotusBrainfeeder camp has been subject to a lot of hype lately. Rightfully so, if you ask us. And Samiyam’s debut album ”Sam Baker’s Album“ will most definitely not put an end to it. Three years after he debuted his synthed out psychedelic signature sound on Kode 9’s Hyperdub label, he delivers seventeen short tracks full of stoned cosmic funk and quirky J Dilla- and Dabrye-style hip hop aesthetics. The beats just roll and tumble unpredictably through bright washes of sparkling analogue synth melodies, taking turns where you don’t expect them or coming to an abrupt halt, before jumping into the next day-glo universe. If you are looking for an introduction into the Brainfeeder sound or just searching for some sun drenched and low-riding boogie workouts, ”Sam Barker’s Album“ is the perfect pick.

Sven von Thülen | Sep 23, 2011
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