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Self Study Declaime


Dudley Perkins aka Declaime's "Self Study" leads to one essential question: "why you want to hate on me when I’m trying to set those suckers free?" Well, there is no reason to hate him, because his thoughts and messages are more than worth listening to and thinking about. Dudley Perkins is "talking" about love, life and spirituality with such an emphasis and eloquence, that names like Gil Scott-Heron and Grandmaster Flash automatically pop up in one's head. Friend and collaborator Georgia Anne Muldrow produced the entire album and makes Dudely's lyrics gleam with a lot of funk and soul. "Self Study" was released on Perkins and Muldrow's label SomeOthaShip. Finally,the amazing cover art by Japanese painter Tokio Aoyama has to be mentioned. I haven't heard and seen such a coherent album in a very long time.

Claudia Nethge | Aug 19, 2011
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