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Rapping With Paul White Paul White


Over the last few years library music has become one of the quintessential digging fields for sample maniacs and music nerds alike. London based beatsmith Paul White is one of those avid explorers of the most obscure corners of recorded pop culture. His dusty beats are informed by a keen passion for sample psychedelia and an unorthodox hiphop sensibilty. For his newest album ”Rapping With Paul White“ he got into collaboration-mode and invited an array of British MCs (Guilty Simpson, Danny Brown, Homeboy Sandman; Jehst, Nancy Elizabeth and more) into his home studio to spit their magic over his MPC-eccentricities. You will find stuttering funk, anthemic soul stompers and all kinds of different vocal deliveries. ”Rapping With Paul White“ is as weird as it is leftfield. And damn good at that.

Sven von Thülen | Sep 2, 2011


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