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Cabaret Cixous Maria Minerva


Maria Minerva is one of the fastest rising stars in recent months. Her take on lo-fi house, hazy valium-soaked pop and gothic atmospheres has made her one of the most promising (and hyped) producers of leftfield pop. Her soft sometimes even fragile vocals whisper through psychedelic seas of effects accompanied by dreamy synths pads and submerged drum sounds. The album title hints at post-punk luminaries Cabaret Voltaire and feminist playwright Hélène Cixous, as do her lyrics. Heavy stuff, but musically ”Cabaret Cixous“ is incredibly catchy and at the same time gritty and raw, thanks to Minerva’s lo-fi recording aesthetic. So far it’s one of the unexpected highlights of this year’s album season.

Sven von Thülen | Sep 9, 2011
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