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The Crux Killed By 9V Batteries


It is heart-warming to see that someone actually keeps alive catchy noise rock in the vein of Unwound. Killed by 9V Batteries do so on their third album, “The Crux.” Their music represents the softer side of noise rock. Without falling into the retro trap the band displays the same melodic pop savvy as 1990s indie rockers A.C. Acoustics and Unwound. Sometimes they sound a little like Liars in their more straight moments. With titles such as “All the People Bite Their Tongues Off,” what can go wrong? Highlights in this collection of noise pop songs include “Worst of Total Anarchy,” “Stalk and Joyride” and the slow, mellow number “Don’t Feel Groovey.” It’s a shame that there are not more bands like Killed by 9V Batteries today. There should be.

Klaas Ilse | Dec 19, 2011


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