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Alive In Us Darkness Falls


Why is indie pop always so sad these days? Darkness Falls are no exception, yet their melancholic music is full of beauty. The dark, haunting pop on “Alive in Us” is characterized by Josephine Philip’s gorgeous voice. The other half of the dream pop duo from Copenhagen, Denmark, is Ina Lundgren. Musically, the two move between indie pop, indie rock and electronic music. “Josephine” with its quiet, but persistently pulsing beat, and the sound of a Fender Rhodes (I think) is one of many album highlights. The elegiac “The Void” about the loss of a loved one is another. “Timeline” is characterized by a cool electronic bass line and Josephine’s wonderful deep voice. The catchy “Hey!” is slightly reminiscent of the dark post-rock and wave of Joy Division or New Order. Melancholic, but with an embracing warmth.

Klaas Ilse | Jan 2, 2012


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