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1983-93 Motorjoke


“1983-93” collects the releases of Swedish band Motorjoke from these years. Their first EP, “Pinnen rullar till Peking” (tracks 1-5), is still Scandinavian hardcore punk that is sometimes reminiscent of Dead Kennedys (as alluded to in the title “Dead K. Don Suck,” perhaps?), and sometimes of Hüsker Dü. This older stuff is quite impressive. And, here the band still sings in English. This changes in the later works, which become something of a pop joke – or a late-Minutemen rip-off, with funky beats, chicken-scratch guitar and folk bits. The album “Tokfürsten” (tracks 6-12) especially takes some getting used to. Motorjoke’s style changed a lot from their first EP to the LP. But, even after the transition from raw hardcore to stylish and controlled new wave/post punk, Motorjoke is still recognizable as the same band. The final 15 tracks are from their second LP, “Barflugan,” which ventures even further into new-wavy pop waters. An interesting collection to expand your horizon. Many of the tracks are actually quite catchy – if only I could sing along in Swedish.

Klaas Ilse | Nov 11, 2011
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