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The Wolf Album Sonofold


“The Wolf Album” is a debut by Sonofold, a duo of guitar and drums. Sometimes singer/guitarist Nic Olsen (Olsen = Son of Old, get it?) uses an acoustic guitar, sometimes an electric guitar. Other groups, like the Israeli Carusella, were very convincing as a drum and guitar duo. And, Sonofold are as well. I am a bass player myself, but I have to admit: mostly, I don’t miss the bass. Most of the time, music works just fine without it. “The Wolf Album” showcases indie rock and sometimes folk or singer/songwriter (“Picture of a Girl”). The only thing that bothers me on this recording is the bass drum. It has a slightly annoying tone, and one would have expected more from recordings made at Chicago’s Electrical Audio. Musically, however, “The Wolf Album” is beyond reproach. The duo present flawless, timeless indie rock that could have been recorded in the late eighties, the early nineties or the present.

Klaas Ilse | Feb 13, 2012


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