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Attack On Memory Cloud Nothings


Desolate doesn’t even come close to describing “No Future/No Past,” the opener on “Attack on Memory,” the third album by Cleveland’s Cloud Nothings. This means ‘desolate’ in an affirmative way, however. The dark, brooding frustration which lurks beneath the surface of this song, ready to break out at any time, harks back to the original precursors of what later on became post rock: Bitch Magnet, Bastro and, above all, Slint. Somewhere between noise rock and post hardcore, there’s a brew boiling up into which Cloud Nothings tap, lashing out with a veritable lightning storm of energy. As slow as “No Future/No Past” opens the album, as hectic, compulsive and overdriven comes in “Wasted Days,” the album’s longest track. Recorded by Steve Albini, this is exactly the kind of music that benefits from his expertise. “Stay Useless” is a classic punk rock anthem, and it is absolutely appropriate that vocalist Dylan Baldi doesn’t hit all the right notes. It is an authentic indie rock album, and my favorite track is the opener. Other highlights include “No Sentiment” and the fabulous uptempo instrumental “Separation.”

Klaas Ilse | Apr 19, 2012


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