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Collisions 02 Oneida


A fabulous, trippy split-album with one long track each by Oneida (USA) and Mugstar (UK), full of drones, swirling synths and psychedelic noises ... and formidable playing.

“Collisions, Vol. 2” is a split-album with one long track each by Oneida and Mugstar, released by Rocket Recordings in their “Collisions” series. Mugstar’s track, “European Nihilism,” begins slowly, with feedback, high- and low-pitched buzzing and droning, before launching into a solid mid-tempo, instrumental rock number with psychedelic overtones. The rhythm section plays a loop with the keyboards soloing on top, increasing the tension, before breaking down into feedback and ambient drone doom and loops again. This turns into a mid-tempo wave song, this time even featuring a voice, soaring wordlessly within the mix. The song fades out, while the track ends in further noises. While “European Nihilism” doesn’t reach the intensity of, “Ouroboros” off their album “... Sun, Broken ...,” for example, it is hypnotic nevertheless.

Oneida’s “Shahin’s Bong” begins in medias res, fading into chaotic improvisation. Brooklyn’s Finest have learned a thing or two from krautrockers Can, but they have internalized this lesson and taken it a couple of steps further. This kind of free-form noise – whether improvised or preconceived – is a form of musical expression which may not be to everyone’s liking. I find it mind-blowing. The swirling, twirling, tweaking synthesizers, psychedelic guitars and, above all, Kid Millions’ jaw-dropping drumming are astounding and simply leave you dumbfounded. From the chaos, a funereal march emerges, in the vein of “Luxury Travel” off their triple LP masterpiece, “Rated O.” Shahin Motia of Ex Models, whose bong inspired the title of this awesome piece, joined the band for the recording of their “Thank Your Parents” triptych and is still part of the current line up. Maybe they should have included this piece on one of the three albums from the triptych – it would have made a hell of a counterpiece for “Folk Wisdom” or “Pre-Human.” When this marvelous trip ends (and it does so, much too soon), you just want to start it over again from the top. Two fabulous trips of psychedelic noise that serve as an appetizer, making you crave more of the same.

Klaas Ilse | Aug 20, 2012


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