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A Little Bit Of Big Bonanza Bushman'S Revenge


Bushman’s Revenge are three formidable players who draw on blues rock, jazz rock, progressive rock and much more to create their own brand of instrumental rock. “A Little Bit of Big Bonanza” is the third album by this Norwegian trio. While the music is intense and driven, it shies away from post-rock meanderings and the buildup of layers of sound. Rather, the band cleaves to improvisation and extended jams. “John Lennon Was the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” and “4E73” are pools of quiet harmony among the wild eruptions of the other tracks. “John Lennon ...” even features vibes and a softly picked acoustic guitar. Apart from these two numbers, this wild rampage will leave you breathless, speechless, and simply blown away for good.

Klaas Ilse | Mar 12, 2012


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