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Wasted & Wanted Michael Wollny, Eva Kruse & Eric Schaefer


“Wasted & Wanted” is the fourth album by award-winning jazz trio Michael Wollny’s [em], formed by Jazz pianist Michael Wollny, bassist Eva Kruse and drummer Eric Schaefer. The album captures the trio in divergent moments of inspiration. This is not jazz of the kind that immediately causes finger snapping and leg shaking. It is music that needs to be taken in first, to be absorbed and processed in order to be understood. There are, however, pieces which instantly stand out. “Metall,” “Ihr Bild” and the sprightly “Cembalo Manifeszt” are among them. The cover version of Kraftwerk’s “Das Modell” sounds less like jazz, being reminiscent rather of Michael Rother’s soft albums of the late 70s/early 80s, only with piano instead of guitar. While the rush of Wollny’s fingers across the keys is simply breathtaking, not everyone will take to his extensive use of dissonance. Schaefer mostly plays rather like a rock drummer than a jazz drummer, but he refrains from any unnecessary, uncalled-for hard punches, thus making valid contributions to the music. Eva Kruse’s proficiency on the double bass should be mentioned as well. In any case, [em] is trio made up of formidable players who know how to capture the listener’s attention.

Klaas Ilse | Apr 10, 2012
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