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Galaxy Garden lone


Our favourite producer of starry-eyed kaleidoscopic rave nostalgia is back. Matt Cutler aka Lone delivers his new album „Galaxy Garden“ for R&S Records and it takes you even further into the psychedelic outerzones of his fondest rave memories - all thrown together and expertly mashed up to beam you straight back into an exhilarating hallucination of raving in the fields somewhere down the M1 circa 1991 or 1992. Those Outlander stabs and bleeps, like on the smashing „Crystal Caverns 1991“ just make you wanna get your glowsticks out and jump up and down. Machinedrum joins Cutler on „As A Child“ and „Cthulh,“ adding his footwork-informed drum-patterns to the euphoric mix. „Raindance“ is another highlight with heavy-hitting, tribal drums, tropical chord progressions and dreamy bleep melodies. Listen to „Galaxy Garden“ and get the rave bug (again).

Sven von Thülen | Apr 30, 2012
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