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Errors Of The Human Body OST Anthony Pateras


Apparently, “Errors Of The Human Body“ is a new thriller which was recently filmed in Dresden, Germany and the first full-length movie by director Eron Sheean. And, if the soundtrack by composer Anthony Pateras, who has worked with Sheean on previous short films, is anything to go by, the movie is going to be quite sinister. Pateras’ score is full of eerie strings, icy atmospherics and solo piano excursions. The twenty-one short pieces form a rich collage of sounds and moods. And, since the movie was shot at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics the compositions have names like „Infectious,“ „Easter Gene“ or „Cellular Cloud.“ In the case of „XIJ,“ Pateras even added a frenetic dancefloor-friendly (mind you, this being a pretty idiosyncratic and wild dancefloor) track full of rumbling percussions and heavy bass blurbs to the mix. Now, I'm curious to see the movie.

Sven von Thülen | Apr 3, 2012
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