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Keepers of the Light LHF


Since their first transmission „Enter In Silence“ two years ago on Keysound Recordings, the dubstep loving part of the blogosphere has been full of praise and eager anticipation of every new release by the shadowy London-based collective LHF. When announcing the immediate release of „Keepers Of The Light,“ LHF’s debut album FACT mag even went as far as to ask if they were „Dubstep’s great hope?“ One of the reasons for all the anticipation is probably LHF’s pure approach to dubstep and all things ’ardcore. For „Keepers Of The Light“ the four crew members, Double Helix, Amen Ra, No Fixed Abode and Low Density Matter compiled no less than 27 (!) tracks full of swaggering halfstep, synth-heavy and wonked-out beatscience and classic dubstep mysticisms in best DMZ and Mala vein. This is as London as it gets. A rough and ready melting pot of sounds, ideas and cultures channeled through the love for electronic music and rave culture.

Sven von Thülen | Apr 16, 2012
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