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Nature Experiments The Big Sleep


Brooklyn, NYC, seems to breed a certain type of noise- and psychedelic-influenced indie rock. The Big Sleep are no exception, as is showcased on their third longplayer, “Nature Experiments.” The album’s standout track, “Valentine,” is strongly reminiscent of fellow Brooklynites, Oneida. Softer songs with much more prominent keyboards, like “Wood on the Water,” “1001” and “Sugar,” provide a great contrast to more abrasive noise rockers like “#1” and “Meet Your Maker.” Even a hard rocker harkening back to Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” is included (“Four Wishes”). Their noise-meets-soothing-pop-tunes sound may not be unique, but The Big Sleep certainly know how to make effective use of it.

Klaas Ilse | May 29, 2012


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