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Milk Famous White Rabbits


White Rabbits’ “Milk Famous” sees the sextet stretch out into mindboggling terrain. Hypnotic tracks with a tendency toward shoegaze (“Danny Come Inside”) and strong doses of post punk make up their third album. “Temporary” is a standout track featuring a crisp bass line, straight post-punk beat and angular guitar with contrasting harmonic vocals. Piano is an important feature in the songs, particularly in the strange dance track “Back for More” and “Everyone Can’t Be Confused.” The up-tempo number “The Day You Won the War” keeps things simple (especially with regards to the guitar figure), but that only serves to make the track even more compelling. “Milk Famous” is a muscular, mesmerizing spectacle that sucks you right in, bounces you around a little and leaves you craving more.

Klaas Ilse | Apr 16, 2012
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