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The Split Thing Zone Six / Vespero


The title says it all – “The Split Thing” is a split album by the German group Zone Six and the Russian band Vespero. Both play instrumental, trance-inducing, psychedelic space rock. Vespero include more ambient and electronic – at times even proto-kraut – elements, while Zone Six aim for all-out psychedelic rock (with a few traces of stoner, maybe). The first three tracks are by Russian space rockers Vespero: “Nüllus” is heavily percussive, with dominant flute and organ, plus a soaring lead guitar. The uptempo “Clouds” is slightly reminiscent of Ozric Tentacles, while “Lifeless Pillars” has synthesizer phrases that recall krautrock legends, Tangerine Dream. Contrasting Vespero’s ethereal atmospherics is the dark, heavy psychedelic brew presented by Zone Six. Their 24-minute head trip “Babapapatantramanta” explores the ecstatic regions on the fabled other side of the sky – hard to describe, as it can only be experienced. And should be. At times their improvised rock even evokes Sleep. Zone Six are arguably the best at what they do at the moment, maybe on a level with Electric Moon, with whom they share the guitarist. Two magnificent bands do the best they can to transport you to another sphere. Come along for a ride.

Klaas Ilse | Jun 25, 2012


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