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Orbits Oholics


Oholics’ second album, “Orbits,” showcases a raw mixture of psychedelia and shoegaze. It is given as much to shrieking, cacophonic noise and quirky sounds as to pleasant melodies. The dense, overdriven “Last Stoned Monday” (with a great keyboard riff two minutes in that is evocative of Nomeansno’s “Life Like”) and the anthemic “Astana City” are my immediate favorites. Further standout tracks are “Out of Track” and “Moonraker,” which is strongly reminiscent of “I Feel Love” by Giorgio Moroder and the recently deceased Donna Summer. Interestingly, these sounds were once futuristic, and now they are nostalgic and outright retro. The Swedish sextet grooves and shakes for a whole dozen.

Klaas Ilse | May 29, 2012
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