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Crossed Paths Shifted


Debut album by one of UK’s rising techno stars on Luke Slater’s Mote Evolver label. The identity of the producer that is Shifted might still be shadowy, but his music doesn’t leave any unanswered questions. „Crossed Paths“ features eleven hypnotic, steely industrial-infused and dub-informed techno cuts, which will rock any dark warehouse and/or techno cathedral (Berghain anyone?) with their sheer intensity of driving funk, haunting soundscapes and dystopian atmospheres. Like Sandwell District (who are an obvious inspiration) his sound is full of restraint which adds to the overall feeling of suspense. Highlights are the pumping „Leather,“ „Suffocate“ and „Lexis“ as well as the relentlessly dubby „Bleeding Through“ and „More Static.“ „Crossed Paths“ is no nonsense minimalist techno of the highest degree.

Sven von Thülen | Apr 23, 2012
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