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Celestial Light Beings Desolate


After last year’s „The Invisible Insurrection,“ Berlin-based producer Sven Weisemann releases his sophomore album under his Desolate moniker. And, like it’s predecessor, „Celestial Light Beings“ tries to melt lush and cinematic modern-classical sensibilities with stepping electronica and UK garage-infused rhythms much in the vain of Burial or Synkro and their bitter-sweet rave-afterglow. Despite all the floating gentleness „Celestial Light Beings“ is in its very core a drama in ten highly emotional acts full of haunting pads, desolate piano melodies, solemn chorals and pastoral string pads. And, even though Weisemann lays it on a little thick sometimes it’s hard to deny the emotional impact „Celestial Light Beings“ has on the listener. If you wanna feel blue, test it for yourself.

Sven von Thülen | Apr 10, 2012


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