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Antinomie Susurrus Station


“Antinomie” is the fourth album by Susurrus Station. It is an eclectic and experimental mix of indie rock and electronic music with a vast array of snippets from various styles and genres. Opener “Keep Up Your Spirits” exhibits a strong Liars’ influence, while “Man-Made Hands” is a melange of The Residents weirdness with Liars’ vocals. You get the picture, Susurrus Station is not for the faint of heart – rather, for the quaint of heart. The title track sounds like a cross between Moonface and Air on a bad trip. Susurrus Station’s bizarre soundworlds include folk as well as world music. “Antinomie” is a fine record to delve into and explore ... and maybe lose oneself in. It may be exceedingly freakish at times, but never boring. “Hell” is one of the album’s standout tracks.

Klaas Ilse | May 21, 2012


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