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Time Team Slugabed


After various singles on labels like Ramp Recordings, Planet Mu and (lately) Ninja Tune, Greg Feldwick aka Slugabed has finally released his debut album. Entitled „Time Team“ the London-based producer unleashes an arsenal of dense and strikingly playful boogie tracks, somewhere between the shiny day-glo funk of LA’s Brainfeeder posse, Dam Funk and Eglo’s Arp 101. Every one of the twelve tracks is filled to the brim with unexpected twists, joyous sample-magic and elaborate studio trickery. A track like „Mountains Come Out Of The Sky“ with its swirling trancey synth melody and its wistful vocal-sample will put a smile on your face - time and time again. Slugabed just knows how to balance the weird and the unabashedly anthemic. „Time Team“ is a great album to get lost in.

Sven von Thülen | May 14, 2012
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