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Trouble Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs


Orlando Higginbottom aka Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs debut album "Trouble" is romantic house-gone-pop in the vain of Hot Chip or Junior Boys and really good at that.

Orlando Higginbottom aka Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ career has been on a steady rise so far. Since his debut ep „All In One Sixty Dancehalls“ on Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard’s label Greco Roman from barely three years ago, his sweaty confetti-laden and flamboyant costumes-sporting live-shows have left people begging for more and caught the the attention of people like Lady Gaga, Damon Albarn and Friendly Fires, who he all worked with in one way or another. So, it’s no wonder that he got signed by a major label as quickly as his reputation grew. On his debut album „Trouble“ he further explores his take on vocal-heavy synth-pop infused, bleepy house. It is basically a pop record, rather than a straight up club/house record, but a really good one at that. The influence of bands like Hot Chip or Junior Boys looms large over tracks like „Trouble,“ „Your Love,“ „Garden“ or „Tape & Money,“ but you can also see tech house-posterboys like Jamie Jones and Lee Foss or Damian Lazarus bang them out in their sets, making „Trouble“ one the best dance pop albums of the year so far.

Sven von Thülen | Aug 6, 2012
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