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Light Asylum Light Asylum


The self-titled debut by New York duo Light Asylum is pure synth pop and electro. “A Certain Person” reminds me of what was so despicable of synth pop, but for the most part “Light Asylum” is a clever ’80s revival brimming with ideas and passion. Especially singer Shannon Funchess has an imposing voice (even if her talent as a singer is, at times, questionable). “Angel Tongue” is a hypnotic piece, the stark, minimalist “IPC” and “Pope Will Roll” are intense pieces of electrocore. The heaviest, most harsh song is probably “At Will.” Strong EBM tendencies add to the range of ’80s electronic music represented on “Light Asylum.” This is definitely an album that grows on you and warrants repeated listening.

Klaas Ilse | Jun 4, 2012

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