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Motion Sickness Of Time Travel Motion Sickness Of Time Travel


John Eliott has snatched up Rachel Evans aka Motion Sickness Of Time Travel for his Spectrum Spools imprint to release her long awaited eponymous album. And, it is basically a match made in synth-layered heaven. Consisting of four epic pieces, none of which clocks in under the twenty minute mark, it shows Evans at her most sublime and breathtakingly mesmerizing, yet. The album’s opener „The Dream“ just builds and builds into Tangerine Dream-like psychedelia, taking you on an ever evolving journey through euphoric drone-y synthscapes and submerged and longing choirs. It’s a pretty intense track to be honest and Evans manages it to keep this level of intensity throughout the whole (self-titled) album. On „Summer Of The Cat’s Eye“ she explores more introspective worlds, while „One Perfect Morning“ is one of those uplifting trips into space with sprinkling arpeggio melodies and layered synth-magic, which would make the perfect soundtrack for an extended trip into the world of hallucinogenic plants. „One Perfect Moment“ indeed.

Sven von Thülen | Jun 4, 2012


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