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Da Mind Of Traxman Traxman


Traxman is the next footwork producer to release an album on Mike Paradinas’ Planet Mu label. Being a revered veteran of the scene and being integral in shaping its evolution from ghetto house to footwork (his first release came courtesy of the mighty Dance Mania in 1996), it is surprising that „Da Mind Of Traxman“ is actually his debut album. Compared to his Ghetto Teknitianz crew buddies DJ Spinn and DJ Rashad his sound is less furious. Traxman is injecting a more soulful vibe into his rhythm tracks. That said, it doesn’t mean by any means that there are no pacey, neckbreaking jams on „Da Mind Of Traxman.“ But somehow his productions feel more mature and laid back than the ones of his younger peers and, thanks to his choice of samples, might even appeal to an audience previously unaware of footwork. To make it short: great album from start to finish.

Sven von Thülen | May 24, 2012
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